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What methods do you use while training?

I use reward-based, positive-reinforcement training with the aim to be force-free, fear-free and improve dog welfare. I primarily use food in training, but will use toys and environmental reinforcers for certain training exercises if appropriate for that dog. I do not use any "training collars" or techniques that utilize pain, fear or coercion to control dogs.

Do you come to my home for training?

All training is done in your home either in-person or via Zoom. Most human-aggression cases start on Zoom and we will move to in-person when your dog is ready. I travel within Stark, Summit and Portage counties between I-76 and Rt.30 from Alliance to Massillon, Ohio. Clients outside of this region will train virtually viz Zoom.

How much does training cost?

Fear and Aggression clients start with a 6-session training package for $950. Puppy clients start with a 10-session package for $1,550. Single-session consultations are only offered for those considering rehoming or behavioral euthanasia.

My dog is barking and lunging/reactive on leash. Can you help?

Yes! Dogs that bark and lunge are one of my specialties!

My dog is fearful, but not aggressive. Can you help us?

Yes! I love working with shy, nervous and fearful dogs! Check out my Fearful Dogs page for more information.

My dog is attacking my other dog, can you help?

Yes! I'm very knowledgeable in dog-dog issues.

Do you train puppies?

Yes. Please see my Puppy page for details.

Do you do board and train?

No. Please reach out to Amy Hunt at MBR Farm, Jennifer Topalian at The Grateful Dog or Stacy Totten at Meadow Run.

My dog is not fearful or aggressive, but needs to learn to behave. Would you work with us?

I take manners/obedience clients on a case-by-case basis as my schedule allows. Please fill out my contact form and I will email you to book or with contact info for another trainer I recommend.

How can you train my dog if they won't let people in the house?

I'll use an incremental training plan so that your dog is comfortable throughout our training journey. In some cases we will start training online via Zoom.

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